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If you are visiting this site and you live far from the Sacramento area, perhaps you can find inspiration and spiritual support closer to your home. There may be an Ananda center close to you. If not (or even if so), you are invited to attend our weekly worship services from your living room, online. The internet has brought seekers closer together than we dreamed possible in 1968, when Ananda first began. It is our joy and our privilege to serve you in this way.

Inspirational talks by Swami Kriyananda

Talks online (India)
 Talks online (America)
 Monthly talks delivered to you, on CD, cassette, or MP3


The Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA
Ananda Retreat near Assisi, Italy

Ananda teaching centers and communities

Ananda Village This is where it all began in 1968—the first and now largest community founded by Swami Kriyananda. Located in the rural foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains near Nevada City, California, Ananda Village is home to three hundred people who have created a spiritually powerful place to visit.

Other Ananda Centers and Communities

Ananda Palo Alto
Ananda Los Angeles

Ananda Seattle
Ananda Portland
Ananda Rhode Island
Ananda in Europe (Assisi)
Ananda India (Gurgaon)

More resources

Books and DVD‘s The complete works of Swami Kriyananda, and many books by Yogananda not available anywhere else.
Books online, free
Healing prayers You may request prayers for loved ones in need, or become part of the healing prayer ministry and pray for others.
Ananda Yoga en Español
Ananda Meditation Retreat A place of seclusion and personal retreat in the remote forested foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Twenty minutes from Ananda Village. 
Institute for Alternative Living   
A 4-year college based on the principles of Yoga, which prepares students for success in work and in life.