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See the Divine in Everyone

The star of Bethlehem that guided the Wise Men to Jesus, was the Divinity that flowed through him.  The magnetism and energy that flowed through Jesus can be found in everyone, after all, God is everywhere. Ananda weekly services are … Continue reading

Light and Sound from Brahmacharya Baraquiel Castelli

I shared the following on my Facebook and I thought that perhaps some of you may also enjoy it. I seldom share personal experiences with people, but for some reason, I am feeling different right now and this is something … Continue reading

Third Letter from Russia – Moskow, June 12th, 2016

Dear Friend, We are now almost finished with our scheduled programs in Russia. We have one more day of the weekend retreat, with seven new disciples taking discipleship at the ceremony tomorrow. It is such a joy to see these … Continue reading

Second Letter from Russia – Moskow, June 9th 2016

Dear Friend, We are in the middle of a Kriyaban Retreat at “Mila Gioia.” This is Mila Ostrova’s country house, or “dacha,” outside of Moscow. Since many in the group here have visited Ananda Assisi, “Mila Gioia” is a word … Continue reading

First Letter from Russia – Ekaterinburg, June 4th 2016

Dear Friend, After 26 hours of traveling we came at last to Ekaterinburg at about 7am, slept for a few hours, and had our first program that evening. It is truly lovely here. As we drove from the airport to … Continue reading

A Fourth Letter from India

Dear ones, Wednesday morning, February 17th, Dharmadas and I flew to Pune to give a satsang at the beautiful new center in Pune city run by Bramachari Aditya. We spent two nights there, while the others in the family flew … Continue reading

A Third Letter from India

Dear ones, Our visit to Puri was very moving for all of us. Here is a photo of Mrs. Mahapatra, who runs this home for widows, abused women and their children, which we visited last Monday evening, and that I … Continue reading

The Second Letter from India

Dear ones, We just got some photos from Daya of our visit to the Delhi ashram on Friday. You can see where we had lunch out in the garden with the beautiful murtis in the background. The next day, Saturday, … Continue reading

A Letter from India

We’ve been away now for one week, and it’s been action-packed. We landed in Chicago to pick up Dharmadas’ father and two sisters, and we watched the Superbowl with them and the rest of the family. I kept waiting for … Continue reading

On Our Way Back From Russia

Dear ones: We are now beginning the long journey back to Sacramento. We’ll be back late Wednesday, and we’ll see you all on Sunday, if not before. Here’s a photo of some of our last group energizing by the Volga … Continue reading