First Letter from Russia – Ekaterinburg, June 4th 2016

Dear Friend,

After 26 hours of traveling we came at last to Ekaterinburg at about 7am, slept for a few hours, and had our first program that evening.

It is truly lovely here. As we drove from the airport to the retreat center where we are staying, morning mist was rising from the ground all around us.

rising mist on the road

The thick forest was glittering in the light, and God’s beauty was manifest.

sunlight through the pine

Spring is just coming to Siberia in June. We marveled on arrival at the retreat that tulips are just blooming, and the fragrance of lilacs is in the air.

tulips in June

This morning we rose to the sound of bird’s song that we have never heard before. Divine Mother’s creativity is ever-new! 

The majestic pine forest, where our little cabin is, is a natural cathedral in which to experience His silence. Master greeted us in our cabin in the form of a painting of swans, or “hansa” in Hindi.

Dharmadas, Mila, lilacs

Mila, our host and translator in Russia, is seen here with Dharmadas admiring the lilacs.

The day was filled with sadhana, Kriya preparation, walking meditation, a Kriya ceremony, and an evening satsang ending with healing prayers for two dear souls: one with stage 4 brain cancer. He is a young man named Alexander, who has the sweetness and openness of a child. Please join us in praying for him. The other dear one is a young woman in her second pregnancy, who is struggling and having to have bedrest to keep the child. Please join us in praying for Olga and her baby that they both may be healthy and happy.

Tomorrow we will have a discipleship ceremony, a Second Kriya initiation, and fly to Moscow for the retreat programs there.

The good news of the moment is that three families are going to start a community just outside of Moscow. Starting in July they will come together in a big house with enough space to accommodate guests and have small retreats there.

One of the delicious surprises here in Ekaterinberg was the taste of jam made from baby pine cones! There is a two week period during which new pine cones bud out on the pine tree; they can be harvested and made into jam during this time before they become woody. Delicious! You can taste the pine flavor; it reminds you of Christmas!

Now our retreat is over, as I finish this letter. We just finished our Second Kriya initiation and will travel now to Moscow for the remainder of our visit. Please keep us in your prayers!

Love and blessings, 

Aum, Nirmala and Dharmadas

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  1. leonore says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if gurubais would be able to visit each other world-wide? Perhps not quite “exchange” residences, but at least do spiritual BnB stays, or “visiting kharma yogis”? I’d go in a heart beat to Russia, help with whatever needs to be done, in exchange for being in that sangha! Have mala, aum board and some cash… will lend a hand and share the Joy.
    Many hands make a miracle, isn’t it so?

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