Light and Sound from Brahmacharya Baraquiel Castelli

I shared the following on my Facebook and I thought that perhaps some of you may also enjoy it.

I seldom share personal experiences with people, but for some reason, I am feeling different right now and this is something that may help some people along the way:


Very often I leave music (composed by Swami Kriyananda) playing in my room, mostly instrumental pieces or sometimes something like Swamiji chanting “Aum” over and over all day long. I certainly enjoy entering my room and hearing his voice/music as soon as I get in, but also I really believe that it helps to uplift the energy in the room, even if I may not be able to feel it… if nothing else, it makes me happy!

Also, very often I will just leave the music playing all night long at a low volume for the same reason since I don’t have a problem to fall asleep while the music is on (I can fall asleep with almost anything going on around me… a gift and a course!). Again, I like to believe that he music will help and influence my sleep in a positive way.

Around a week ago, something very interesting happened as I was sleeping: I was dreaming and in the dream, friends of mine from America (young people, I recognized/remember only a couple of them) were performing a play. The setting was very interesting, they were at what it seemed to be the entrance of a cave that was situated at the bottom of a rocky hill surrounded by nature, filled with vines alongside the edges of the rocks going all the way up the hill and at the entrance of the cave It looked like a jungle of sorts and I was walking towards the performance from the side (I have no idea to whom they were performing). The people at the play were dressed in clothing that would make you think they lived in nature in a way we would imagine it in a fairy tale, some people were wearing crowns made of leaves, white long dresses with some leaves on them to decorate and they were all barefoot.

As I was walking towards them, the lady who was presently speaking stopped in the middle of her phrase and I think said something like “listen” and she closed her eyes and so did everyone who was part of the performance, in their faces arouse a blissful smile and I knew they were going into some kind of ecstatic experience. They all just stood there very still, very blissful and I could hear very softly being sung the words “God is life, God is joy, life is God’s, life is joy!” and it was Swamiji’s song titled “Life Mantra” (or “Chant of the Angels”). I knew I could also get the experience, so I closed my eyes and focused at the spiritual eye and at once a golden light appeared, but more importantly, a feeling of joy enveloped me. Unfortunately, even on my dream I could not hold my concentration fully for a long time and not too long after it all vanished. I instantly woke up, it was still dark outside but I could hear the “Life Mantra” playing in my room because I had left it on for the night as my “background music for sleep”.

Now you may be wondering, what was that light I saw? I don’t think it was something “super” great since it wasn’t as bright, but it didn’t matter to me, I can still remember and feel the joy that I felt on the dream whenever I try to bring it to mind. I like to believe that the music I had left on playing during the night is what gave me this blessed experience.

All of us who listen so Swami Kriyananda’s music know how uplifting it can be, how it can bring you out of bad moods, bad days and even heal you in certain cases! I think also, however, that we underestimate the power it can really have on our consciousness and how it can really help us go deeper into the self.

It is a common practice to have music on the background as one works, drives, cooks, walks, runs or does anything, and this is good. It is also a very good practice, however, to once in a while, listen to a piece of music or a song and don’t do anything else but to listen to it and to feel it, you will see that the power they have will touch you much more and then you can start to understand what a great blessing we have with us, and what a great gift Swamiji left to all of us.

Music can be a tool to bring us closer to God.

Aum, aum, aum!


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  1. leonore says:

    Thank you for reminding me of that Song “Life Mantra” … God is Life… I seldom listen to music, because I lack the technical gadgetry. I was gifted an IPod however and WILL load Ananda songs onto it. Your dream inspires me. I hope you have more such beautiful ones.

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