Ananda Yoga

What Makes Ananda Yoga Different?

Ananda’s gentle meditative style of yoga makes it suitable for all levels, including beginners.

The Purpose of Yoga Postures

Ananda Yoga helps you feel deeply peaceful, uplifted and revitalized. You will experience being gently guided into the essence of the postures according to your own level of flexibility. Then we add the spiritual affirmations integrated into the movements which take your spirit to a whole new level of joyful awareness. These three work together to bring body, mind and spirit into perfect harmony.

Some of the benefits you will gain from these classes are:

  • Radiant health and well-being
  • Improved muscle tone and circulation
  • Attitudes for a balanced life
  • Quieting and focusing of the mind as an aid to meditation.

Harmonize the body and it will be easier to harmonize the mind. This principle is fundamental to the science of hatha yoga.

Directions to Ananda

Physical benefits:

Old age and sickness settle first in the joints and spinal discs. Yoga postures:

  • Loosens the joints
  • Stretches and irrigates the vertebrae
  • Promotes a free flow of energy throughout the nervous system
  • Assist in the elimination of toxins in the body
  • Exerts beneficial pressure on glands and internal organs by flushing and stimulating them

Even a little bit of this practice can produce improvements in ones general health.

Physical relaxation can bring serenity to a worried mind.

"I am calm, I am poised.</p> <p>"Affirmation

Affirmations and asanas make a powerful team. In order to take your practice to the highest level, you must dynamically involve your mind. This is where affirmations come in. By repeating an affirmation that reinforces the state of consciousness corresponding to the asana, you strengthen the energy flows and deepen your experience of that state.

Affirmations deepen your experience of the energy flows and associated states of consciousness right in that moment. The payoff is immediate, not just long-term.

Helpful Guidelines

Avoid eating for an hour before class

Wear comfortable clothing

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